• I will be continuing my meetings with each of the potential grads to discuss their current graduation path, as well as their post secondary plans.
  • Any Scholarships & Bursaries that come through the guidance office are listed on the website, under the Guidance Tab titled, 'Bursaries & Scholarships'.
  • Students should be chcecking the website on a weekly-daily basis. Awards will NOT be on announcements.


HONOUR CORD REQUIREMENTS/1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graduation Rankings

  • To receive a RECA Honour Cord at Graduation, a student must have an 85% average (or above) based on their FINAL MARKS in the following ACADEMIC courses:
  • Academic English 12; Global Studies 12; Academic Math 12 (or higher) OR an Academic Science 12; a student's TWO OTHER HIGHEST GRADE 12 ACADEMIC COURSES from their final transcript.
  • Honour Cord is not calculated until the day before/of graduation when ALL FINAL MARKS have been submitted.
  • The TOP 3 graduating students with the HIGHEST AVERAGES each get announced as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Gradudation Class at graduation ceremonies during the Awards presentations.


POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS - Upcoming Information Sessions/Campus Visits

  • There are no current sessions scheduled.
  • Students are ALWAYS able to contact any post-secondary institution and arrange a private campus visit (families also welcome). Guidance can assit in this process.
  • NSCC is contintually offering Program Information Session Test Drives. Student must register online first, at



This takes place in the fall of grad year, and both students and parents or guardians will be notified. However, the powerpoint from last year's presentation that would have been delivered by guidance is available below as a PDF.

Please contact guidance or administration if you have any questions or concerns!



Ms. Landry and Mrs. MacMillan will meet with all potential Gr. 12 graduates in October regarding their upcoming year of responsibilities. For a handout and a PDF version of the power point presentation from last year about the grad timeline, please see attachments below.



Any students interested in going to NSCC should be getting their applications ready and start ordering transcripts. NSCC begins processing applications on Nov. 1st, and they work on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please see guidance if you need any assistance!

**If you applied to NSCC last year when you were in Grade 11, you MUST have your current Grade 12 transcript sent to them NO LATER than September 30th, in order to keep your application active. You will then hear about accetance in accordance to the above NSCC information. It is YOUR responsibility to order a transcript in guidance 2-3 days BEFORE any post-secondary deadlines.



The online application for students attending post-secondary studies in the fall of 2014 will not be available until May of each graduating year. Guidance will notify graduates when it becomes available. However, there is a PDF presentation below that contains important information regarding student loans.

Submitting your loan online will result in faster processing of your application. 

To apply online and for info about student loans:

Paper applications are available, however you must contact the Student Assistance office on your own. Also, please note the following:

Online application processing turnaround: Approx. 3 weeks


Potential Grad Timeline

Potential Grad Timeline PP

Student Loans

Parent Primer Timeline